Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Problem of Pain

Pain...there are two major types: physical and emotional. In chapter 6 of The Problem of Pain it focuses on human emotional pain. People suffer from this kind of pain all the time. Pain of losing someone precious to you, falling out of love, a great tragedy all of these things can cause pain to a person. During these times on pain people can either come closer to God or push Him farther away. If some major tragedy happens people should look to God for guidance. Even if the situation is hopeless you must trust that God has a reason or a plan. Sometimes these things can be a wakeup call. For me I was nearly dismissed from college and this really shook me up. It opened my eyes and it was like "April you need to get serious! Remember why you're here!" Thankfully I can stay, but this time around I need to do my best. I don't think I've ever prayed harder in my life. If I had been a different person I probably would have blamed God for making it happen. When a person dies or is dying they or the family of said person may question why God let that happen or why He lets all of this evil into the world. Some people think that it's because we can't grow if we aren't given trials, or even pain exists because we deserve i for past sins...kinda like karma...Either way God has his reasons. We just have to rust him.

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