Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Presentation Notes...extra notes...or whatever

Mother-doesn't want the patient to have a good relationship with his mother. Wants them to be at each others throats. The patient should ignore his mothers needs.

Friends-he wants him to have friends that will drag him down. christian friendsare bad. needs gossip and materialism. keep him in cliques and not have any close christian friends.

Lovers- think about sex. idolize the other. must keep him around shallow or bad personalitied women

verse-you shouldnt have relationships with people who will pull you down and be with people who will build you up in christ.

what we learnedchoosing the right friends will help us grow and we shpuld not keep friends who drag us down

The Inner Ring ring to rule them all, One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...Yay for Tolkien. Though that saying does somewhat apply to what I read. The One Ring kind of represents the Inner ring. It hold the power over the other rings, but the only ones who are allowed to join that group lead by the Dark lord are the orcs, ring wraiths, and other evil creatures. In real life there are rings too. These can be easily seen in schools....even colleges. There are groups that separate each other. For example there are the popular kids... Who determines why they are popular or cool or whatever is part of the unspoken code. Rings could be called cliques, relationships, friends, or family. Each one has some sort of hierarchy and rules. In a family The parents usually run the show, but the children can also make rules for this familial ring. Friendship rings you can make yourself or be added too. For shy people they wait for others to accept them into their ring. During my time in grade school...middle and high school mostly...I had a few friends and we made up our own little ring. The postilions we held were kind of like I was the mom of our group and I would kind of treat them as my kids or else I would also assume the role of the little sister...even though I was oldest. Wanting to be accepted by the populars was never really high on my list since they took great joy in tormenting me. So they as one of their unspoken my mind...was "don't let the short girl with the funny eye in our group. But that was then and this is now. Though I've seen some rings and secret codes here at Calvin too. One of the things that I've noticed is that everyone flips their cups over after their done with their drinks. It's not a rule...or at least I don't think it is, but everyone does it. So there are rings everywhere.Whether you want in or not is your choice.

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Man or Rabbit

This was a short reading and this will probably be a short post. I'm running a fever and I'm feeling rather terribly, but I must finish all of my work! Ok so man or rabbit. Can we live good lives without being Christian? I think people can live good lives, but they won't be able to live fulfilled lives. He also mentions Materialists, but doesn't regognize any other groups of peoples. I had made an observation that the question should be more in the lines of Can someone live a good life without religion. Because if a person has their own religious views that tell how to live a good life if they follow them wouldn't it be good. It may not seem to be from a Christian perspective, but maybe they believe it to be that way. Now that sort of leads us back to the fulfilled life thing. If they believe in some other god then maybe by doing everything in that religions teaching they might believe that they hve lived a fulfilling life as well. The definition of good is kind of subjective in itself. But God difines it in a different way maybe or else maybe not every one agrees completely with that even. Though we should agree with Him.

Abolition of Man

trousered apes and urban blockheads...meaning we will all turn into idiots if we don't educate ourselves properly. We will only know how to work and not know anything important. In todays society technology rules. The internet allows us to get any kind of information in less than a minute. his can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because we have the worlds knowledge at our fingertips, but bad because if we don't study it properly we will absorb nothing or else absorb things we don't need. If this continues men will lose power over their lives and technology will take over. Then there will be ROBOT WORLD DOMINATION...ok I lied. Keeping good values alive is another thing we must do to keep men from their doom. Without civility and moral values then the world would go into chaos. If these things aren't taught then it shall surly happen. >cough, hack, sneeze<....(sorry for the short posts my brain functions are shutting down...stupid winter and cold viruses!)

Plantinga 5...

Vocation in the Kingdom of God...Okay for this one I was having a bit of trouble while rereading chapter five because at this current moment as I've said in a couple other of my blogs I'm running a fever and my brain really wants to turn off. So I had a friend of mine help me go over it which helped a you lots Rizu-chan! We first went over what the relationships between vocation, occupation and Kingdom citizenship. First for Kingdom citizenship was to be a citizen you must accept Jesus' commission and to be a prime citizen is to accept with enthusiasm. Vocation is playing a lively part in institutions and endeavors that seek the interest of the kingdom. Then lastly is occupation which is a typical job that is only a part of a Christian's vocation.
He also talked about colleges. Secular colleges will do their best to smother the faith you have out of you, but this might be a bit to generalized. Even though it is a place that will test your faith constantly, but it sounds like his percentage of Christians who make it through is too low, and it is still possible that you can relate your lessons to your faith without the help of your prof's.
I went to a secular college for a year, but I didn't have any troubles with people trying to crush my faith. I actually met a person who read his Bible during break and talk with me about it. So depending if there are other Christins around or not it might not effect everyone.

Problem of Pain

Pain...there are two major types: physical and emotional. In chapter 6 of The Problem of Pain it focuses on human emotional pain. People suffer from this kind of pain all the time. Pain of losing someone precious to you, falling out of love, a great tragedy all of these things can cause pain to a person. During these times on pain people can either come closer to God or push Him farther away. If some major tragedy happens people should look to God for guidance. Even if the situation is hopeless you must trust that God has a reason or a plan. Sometimes these things can be a wakeup call. For me I was nearly dismissed from college and this really shook me up. It opened my eyes and it was like "April you need to get serious! Remember why you're here!" Thankfully I can stay, but this time around I need to do my best. I don't think I've ever prayed harder in my life. If I had been a different person I probably would have blamed God for making it happen. When a person dies or is dying they or the family of said person may question why God let that happen or why He lets all of this evil into the world. Some people think that it's because we can't grow if we aren't given trials, or even pain exists because we deserve i for past sins...kinda like karma...Either way God has his reasons. We just have to rust him.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay I have something that I must admit...I am a romantic. I love romance stories and I have silly dreams about finding my knight in shining armer. I rather enjoyed reading the chapter on Eros. From what it sounded like Eros is the kind of love where if you are appart from that one person for any period of time it hurts. The bond is so strong it's like you can't exist without that person. If two people feel this way than their marriage will hopefully be a good one, but the must stay strong for whatever life throws at them. The Venus he mentions in his chapter refers the the illusion of Eros. This being the sexual love or affection that one mistakes for Eros. If that is all you have and not true Eros hen a marriage will probably fail. In finding true love you must be willing to not only see a person for their appearance, but to see their heart. If a person has good intentions and no ulterior motives then they might be a good person to pursue, but if they just want you or even if you want them for their money or their looks then it can't be called rue love. Though a person does not always agree with you in everything that is a good thing. If you have to much in common it might get boring. If you both only liked a certain food and then had that same food all the time it would get boring, but if you had some different tastes then it would bring more variety into your life. Though for the major things like religion or other beliefs it is good that you agree. It is said in the Bible unbelievers and believers should not be married...or be in a relationship for this may lead the believer to lose track of God. Love is a very strong thing and I can't wait to experience it...even though it might not end up like those in the books. I can hope that I will find my other half and we will have true Eros and not some illusion of it.