Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Man or Rabbit

This was a short reading and this will probably be a short post. I'm running a fever and I'm feeling rather terribly, but I must finish all of my work! Ok so man or rabbit. Can we live good lives without being Christian? I think people can live good lives, but they won't be able to live fulfilled lives. He also mentions Materialists, but doesn't regognize any other groups of peoples. I had made an observation that the question should be more in the lines of Can someone live a good life without religion. Because if a person has their own religious views that tell how to live a good life if they follow them wouldn't it be good. It may not seem to be from a Christian perspective, but maybe they believe it to be that way. Now that sort of leads us back to the fulfilled life thing. If they believe in some other god then maybe by doing everything in that religions teaching they might believe that they hve lived a fulfilling life as well. The definition of good is kind of subjective in itself. But God difines it in a different way maybe or else maybe not every one agrees completely with that even. Though we should agree with Him.

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