Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bulverism...'s well know that there are solid facts to explain things while others are base on lies or unrelated things. Everything is distorted by how we as a person sees or how society sees things. As seen in "Bulverism" reasons and facts or whatever can have a point or none at all. Everything in this chapter brought up a certain word in my mind and that word being fallacy. During my senior year of high school we learned about these untruths that people use to deceive or mislead people to thinking what they say is truth. The one that I can actually remember is the fallacy of begging the question. In which someone states something without backing up their statement with facts and just leaves it up in the are. This fallacy applies somewhat to what little Ezekiel Bulver's mother said..."oh you say that because you're a man." Her stament is unfounded and she doesn't give anymore reason to why she said it. She is also stereotyping, but thats another story. Okay lost track of what I was talking about...hmmmm...Anyway Lewis is showing that there is no absolute truth unless you believe there is One must believe that there is a truth. Though a Bulverist...I guess that that's he word...would just go around with just lies and believe there is no solid truth...i think the concept was a little confusing to me...Well truth...rational thought...fiction...plastic...who knows...

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  1. Yes! That is very much the mindset of a post modern society... Bulverizing is the way that one feels good and just about oneself... and what is my, our response? That’s the big question always, how do I act in all? You got a point with the philosopher's fallacies!