Thursday, January 8, 2009


The main ideas that I got from reading Meditation in a Toolshed were those of experience vs. observation and science vs. belief. When the person looking in the ray of light saw all of those things he was experiencing so much and could have been feeling many different things. While if someone who was just observing the man in the light might think the guy is staring at the sun like a crazy person. He could not truly understand the other man unless he too looked into the light. Some people can be very narrow minded or judgmental about others until they share the same experience. They must look at the situation from all angle to truly understand or else there will misunderstandings. Beliefs also come into play. If someone believes that if they scream at a lamp for 3 hours their hair will grow they are entitled to that belief because that may be how they were raised or what society has taught them to believe. Though others know hat that method will never work respecting and knowing the other party's opinion is still important.
I could get into a bunch of psychological and sociological implements that apply to these kind of things, but I won't because I'll end up confusing myself...which happens regularly...Anyway first hand experience is the best way to understand. I love reading cheesy girly romancy stuff, but reading about finding your one true love is just not the same as actually finding that perfect someone. Or else observing someone eating something that looks completely repulsive and thinking is gross without trying it yourself is biased. If you don't experience things for yourself you will never grow. If I had stayed in Indiana my whole life I would never be able to follow my dream and would probably turn into the lonely old cat lady...I love cats and all but I don't want that to happen. Stepping out of my comfort zone and getting out of that depressing state has allowed me to experience more of life and take a closer step to what lies ahead.

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  1. Dear April,

    You are so right that all are entitled to their own truth and that these will depend on how they were raised and influenced. Although, that does not change the reality of the highest and deepest truth at which Lewis is aiming at...
    Adriana & Paulo