Monday, January 19, 2009

Mere Christianity...

OK...So basically in a nutshell what chapters 1-4 discussed was Natural Law...aka Laws of Human Nature. This or these are laws that everyone knows yet they don't know. I guess you could call it intuition or instinct to know what is right or wrong, good or bad, or whatever. Though humans always tend to want to be right. I enjoyed the arguments that Lewis gave at the beginning of the chapter, these represented the I'm right and you're wrong argument. People really do argue for the stupidest reasons. Everyone also has different moral values and social norms. Everywhere you can see people who break these laws or codes. Even I have broken some of these laws, though they haven't been large crimes I promise. I learned in my sociology class last spring that these peoples are called deviants, basically people who deviate from the laws set for them. There are things people set for themselves, like moral standards, that they themselves break. Does this then make them hypocrites. It's like wearing a mask in public then becoming your true self when you get home. No one is perfect though. (intermission to make rice...and back) Knowing what is right and wrong normally people should have an instinct to know which is which. These things are also taught in society, but depending where you grew up the moral values vary. Back to the instinct for a minute or longer depending if my brain wants to keep working. Children usually have an instinct to please their parents or the people around them, but still they must be taught right from wrong. They have basic knowledge but they must hone i so they can become more intelligible as they grow. Now good ind bad is kind of another story. People deem things good or bad. Things can have their good points and bad points, but it all depends on ones opinion or the natural laws set by God. Like killing is bad and food is good, but with food some might taste good but be really bad for cheese cake...yummmm...but again this can be an opinion. Human Nature...Natural Law...blah blah's just a mesh of things that people rebel against, and that's one of our flaws. Though depending how we live and what morals we hold we can overcome our rebellious nature and be law abiding peoples...though if we didn't would we still be humans...nya...=^-^=

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