Monday, January 12, 2009

English Syllabus...

Ok looking of my notes that I took from the reading my main point is education vs. vocation...or something like that. From the readings it sounded like education meant going off to college for just knowledge's sake and learning because you want to no because you are required to. Now vocation was discussed as learning or going to college to later get a job and work. It is also mentioned that social class, at that time, also interfered with who could get an education. Lewis made a point that the upper class, rich people, have the privilege to go to University and go there to learn without having to later get a job because they had money. While on the other hand the people who were not bestowed with riches had o go to work to earn a living so they have no choice but to choose a vocation. Now a days though everyone has to go to college if they want to work somewhere else then just in fast food. It also seems that people go to college because society tells them to. A college degree make one look good and if you don't then you look like a failure in life. Though this point isn't mentioned much in the Syllabus it is very prominent in todays society. Lots of people go into college with a negative attitude and keep their minds closed to new thoughts or ideas that are offered. If you don't have an open mind to things then you won't be able to succeed...I should listen to myself more often...nya...Trying new things can be good and as long as you keep a positive outlook on things and work and seek the knowledge you desire then everything should turn out fine. Everything can not always be mapped out for you so you have to decide things for yourself. If you can't handle having to choose for yourself and having to figure out what to do you will be lost.

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