Monday, January 12, 2009

Plantinga 1...

Hoping and longing....the endless search for true happiness or finding love, attaining a goal, buying new shoes[a joke] but we always want more. We dream about doing things or becoming something or living some fantastical life, but some things will never come true. Also to add to that if we never try to realize those dreams then they will never come true. If you don't keep hoping and longing then dreams will die out.
After getting things that you have longed for you must keep going on with that thing or else it will someday be lost. Like if you are in a relationship with the person you always imagined you'd be with you must make sure to cherish them or else you may lose them or the magic will fade and you will long after someone else. Maintaining happiness and joy in the things you do is hard. You can't lose sight of the things you hold dear.
Besides human relationships the relationship that you have with God must also be upheld. Usually when you first become a Christian you are very happy and excited about this new chapter you have started, but if you don't stay focused on your walk with God then that brightness you first had will become dim and the excitement will fade. So somehow you must find ways to keep this happiness in Him alive for as many have said He is the only true happiness. Though this happiness can't be fully realized till after death when you go to heaven and are finally by his side.
Okay even though I know this post is late i still want to share my bit about the reading...I should have put that at the beginning of the post but oh well...Now!... a little bit of personal stuff I feel like sharing nya...Since the reading was about hopes and longing I want to share what I want to be when I grow up...[hahaha]...Since maybe 8th grade I knew I wanted to do something with Japanese whether it was with the language or even comic books I knew I wanted to do something in Japan. So around my final year of high school I finally decided that I wanted to become a English teacher in Japan or a translator of some sort there. This is one of my hopes and dreams, and i long for the day it will come true...okay the end...good night...cough...sneeze...zzz

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