Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plantinga 2...

Poof! Yay now everything exists...sure...Anyway Creation...As mentioned in the reading God did not need to create, but he did. People debate why He created. Was he in need of love, companionship, or something better to do. Well concerning the love thing God is love and could have merely created to have more to love. Now concerning the companionship factor He didn't particularly need to make us since He had his angels and even so could God be lonely? No one can really, but it goes with the more to love idea. We can never fathom why God made everything because we are not Him.
Another why question that pops up is why did God make things like they are. Humans are made to reflect Gods image but is this physically or spiritually or a mixture of both. Either way He allowed us thought and domain over the other creatures of this Earth but we were to keep it good. Over time since the fall we have done a good job at killing and destroying many things in nature and have not been keeping up with what God told us to do.
A thought I had and maybe others have thought this to but why just this world. Could God have made other world like ours or completely different? It makes one wonder. Maybe along the way God made other worlds with their own stories or maybe even alternate realities of our world in which they experience the same things we did. Though there is not much room for these kinds of fantastical thoughts the human mind is always full of what ifs. Maybe there are other creations and when we get to heaven there will be others from other worlds whom all never knew of our existence. Maybe I sound like a loony, but it sounds pretty neat in my mind. Anyway our Creation allows us to weave these kind of thoughts. God has made us with free will and the ability to dream and create things out of objects or ideas He has given.

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