Thursday, January 8, 2009

No Right to Happiness...

Yes everyone wants to be happy. Some get happiness out of the simplest things while others strive for it and can never achieve it. How one attains it is another story for they may do things in a proper lawful way or maybe even kill for it...but lets hope not. There are also many types of happiness. Ones come from love, friendship, complements, achievements, or random things like having a cup of ea on a cold winter's day. Happiness comes in many forms. They range from long lasting to the fleeting. Also how much happiness it gives someone also plays a big part. An example would be getting a toy that you had been wanting for a long time and getting it for your birthday will make you happy for that time but eventually the toy will lose its intrigue and that happiness shall fade away. Finding true love is one thing that should bring a person happiness for the rest of their lives, but if that person falls out of love then it must not be true love. When this happens the happy is gone and hearts are left broken. In Lewis' article I must disagree with Clare as well that not all happiness can be attained and also it's not just about sexual longing. I have many things that make me happy. Though they might not last forever and I will grow tired of some there are those that will always put a smile on my face. I shall give you a few...

Things that make me happy:
my friends and family(though they can ge on my nerves at times)
sushi (no it's not always raw)
the sound of rain
the smell of fresh baked bread
the stars and moon
....and much much more. So happiness can be found in the simple things in life not just sex.

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  1. Dear April,

    Yes! I love those too...
    In the end God's real 'Shalom' and love, As Aslan refers to the queen in the magician’s nephew, on why she lost the battle at the stone table 'if she had know the deeper magic from before time'… I.e. God’s law refers to a ‘deeper truth’ written before all time: If you make others happy by loving them, and as such serve God you will be truly happy…