Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learning in War-Time...

Learning things in hard times is well hard. Many things might be happening to you or the people around you. A family member dies, you've broken your arm, or in the reading's case a war might be going on. In these situations you must try your best to succeed and notjust give up. Even while these hardships are going on you have a responsibility to yourself to keep learning as well as keeping relations with God. During hard timeslike war or whatever you can become disheartened and lose sight of the important things. You musn't give up. Things can't be done half-heartedly. You must overcomethe hardships and do your best. There are no perfect conditionsfor learning and if there were then we woujldn't have to learn in the first place. So you must do everything you can in the situations you are given.

My own personal example for this is my transfer to CC. This fall I transferred from a small community college in Indiana. There everything was a lot more relaxed. When I came here the work load and difficulty of the classes increased. During my first semester I was a bit overwhelmed. I started getting into my old habits from the year before and I ended up doing very poorly in my classes. In these new conditions I did not try my hardest and in doing that I failed. During this time as well I had gone astray in my walk with God. I think now that if I had been diligent in those aspects then i would have done better. Now that I have seen these faults as well I believe I can correct myself and do better for my future time here at college. If I don't work hard from now on then I will lose much more then my education. I will lose friends, a home, and possibly even my dream. We must all do our best during hard times or else we may lose the things we hold dear.

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