Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay I have something that I must admit...I am a romantic. I love romance stories and I have silly dreams about finding my knight in shining armer. I rather enjoyed reading the chapter on Eros. From what it sounded like Eros is the kind of love where if you are appart from that one person for any period of time it hurts. The bond is so strong it's like you can't exist without that person. If two people feel this way than their marriage will hopefully be a good one, but the must stay strong for whatever life throws at them. The Venus he mentions in his chapter refers the the illusion of Eros. This being the sexual love or affection that one mistakes for Eros. If that is all you have and not true Eros hen a marriage will probably fail. In finding true love you must be willing to not only see a person for their appearance, but to see their heart. If a person has good intentions and no ulterior motives then they might be a good person to pursue, but if they just want you or even if you want them for their money or their looks then it can't be called rue love. Though a person does not always agree with you in everything that is a good thing. If you have to much in common it might get boring. If you both only liked a certain food and then had that same food all the time it would get boring, but if you had some different tastes then it would bring more variety into your life. Though for the major things like religion or other beliefs it is good that you agree. It is said in the Bible unbelievers and believers should not be married...or be in a relationship for this may lead the believer to lose track of God. Love is a very strong thing and I can't wait to experience it...even though it might not end up like those in the books. I can hope that I will find my other half and we will have true Eros and not some illusion of it.

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