Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Wormwood...

I found after reading the Screwtape letters very interesting. No one really tries seeing thing from the point of view of the devil. Though we can't truly get into the mind of Satan or demons or even God for that matter it gives us a taste of what they might be thinking. I guess these kind of outside the box kind of ideas intrigue me. What kind of diabolical things can they be concocting to fumble up the human race? It gives very good examples of things that can draw us away from God or from people we love.
For the particular letter Screwtape writes to Wormwood that was given in the readings concerned keeping the Patient lukewarm in his Christian life. He said that he was almost glad to hear the Patient was still a chuchgoer. This is that they want the new Christian to feel comfortable and think that going to church is good enough, while in reality it isn't. If one just goes to church and is not active in it they will not grow and learn. Keeping up the appearance is what they want the Patient to do, but no truly become what they are acting as. Besides this Screwtape advises Wormwood to lead him slowly towards the darkness for the mans heart is still uneasy. If he uses distractions that will lead him away from the church or his Christian walk. Things Screwtape suggested were reading books, keeping him up late, talking with people who won't help him in his life. These kind of things are distractions. Everyone allows these kind of things in there lives. They distract themselves from the things they should be doing or keeping up with relationships with loved ones. For a student such as myself I have had these kind of distractions...Facbooking, reading stories online, or even going to the mall instead of doing homework or studying. If someone doesn't keep themselves and rely on God to keep going in life then they will gradually slip into darkness. So you must learn to keep focused and not allow distractions into your life or live in a way where you cannot make strong commitments.

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