Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Plantinga 5...

Vocation in the Kingdom of God...Okay for this one I was having a bit of trouble while rereading chapter five because at this current moment as I've said in a couple other of my blogs I'm running a fever and my brain really wants to turn off. So I had a friend of mine help me go over it which helped a you lots Rizu-chan! We first went over what the relationships between vocation, occupation and Kingdom citizenship. First for Kingdom citizenship was to be a citizen you must accept Jesus' commission and to be a prime citizen is to accept with enthusiasm. Vocation is playing a lively part in institutions and endeavors that seek the interest of the kingdom. Then lastly is occupation which is a typical job that is only a part of a Christian's vocation.
He also talked about colleges. Secular colleges will do their best to smother the faith you have out of you, but this might be a bit to generalized. Even though it is a place that will test your faith constantly, but it sounds like his percentage of Christians who make it through is too low, and it is still possible that you can relate your lessons to your faith without the help of your prof's.
I went to a secular college for a year, but I didn't have any troubles with people trying to crush my faith. I actually met a person who read his Bible during break and talk with me about it. So depending if there are other Christins around or not it might not effect everyone.

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